Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tweed Heads Rabbits for Adoption

Rabbits for adoption in Tweed Heads

These bunnies are in Foster Care awaiting homes as part of a family.
View them by clicking this link:  TWEED HEADS RABBITS
Tweed Heads: we have the following types of rabbits for adoption
Tiny Netherland Dwarf rabbits
Medium sized Dwarf rabbits
Lop Eared Rabbits
Mini Lop Rabbits
Fluffy Cashmere Lop Rabbits with long hair (half hour daily grooming be warned!)
Photos of Tweed Heads Rabbits
Tweed Heads Rabbits for Adoption
Giant Rabbits

We have the following rabbit colours:
White with dark eyes
White with pink eyes
White and black or tan or brown
Black rabbits
Brown rabbits
Orange rabbits
Grey rabbits, steel grey, blue grey
and many more colours


BEAU A beautiful mini lop boy for adoption 1.8kg Tri-colour with great personality. He loves to run and play and he loves attention and is a real sookie baby that loves cuddles. House trained to use a litter tra