Thursday, June 4, 2015


Time is runing out for this lovely pair of house bunnies! Can you help?

Desexed Vaccinated 
Previous adopted from us the owner Portia has to move to Brisbane. Deadline is 29/6/15
Currently in LISMORE but can be delivered to other places. 

These paired bunnies are both gentle and friendly. The male harlequin 'Mushu' is roughly two years of age and the female albino 'Alice' is around a year and a half. 
'Mushu' comes with a vaccination certificate and he is due to be revaccinated in October.
These bunnies love barrastoc pellets and meadow hay and banana and Anzac biscuits as very occasional treats. 
They are a bonded pair and love to run around the house with each other. Both are litter trained.