Monday, December 28, 2015

Rabbit Adoption

Rabbit Adoption

 is easy and cost of the setup of the equipment low cost and quick.

For Rabbit Adoption you need to be able to keep your bunnies in your home during the evening and night. This is for the rabbit's safety as well as to ensure that the bunny is included in the family as a little furry family member.  Having a bunny or two in the home is a delightful experience and one we think will last a long time. That is what we are after. A long time home for our bunnies where they are not just a caged animal at the bottom of the garden but a valuable part of the household.

Rabbit Adoption equipment is as follows:

1. a playpen 30" high with human size gate (not a tiny bunny gate)
    having a human gate means you can enter without having to climb over the pen fence.
2. a litter tray with pet litter inside it
3. a hay rack or bag to hang from playpen fence
4. ceramic food and water bowls
5. a tiny kennel or a cardboard box or a short pet tunnel

Where to buy the Rabbit Adoption equipment:

We recommend the playpens on the Pet Homes Direct website. Click here
For your litter tray you can buy a large size one at a cheap shop or a pet shop & also the bowls
You can make a hay bag from a fabric shopping bag and cut a hole in lower front
For the kennel we recommend the HoundHouse Rabbit Size Kennel.

Rabbit Adoption Rabbits Available:

We have pairs of bonded rabbits available for adoption to approved homes. Click to apply.
Click here to see the rabbits available for adoption on our facebook.