Friday, June 10, 2016

Here are a few photos of pet rabbit pens and enclosures and accessories used by some of the kind folk who have adopted our rescue rabbits.

Indoor Rabbit Pen
Indoor Rabbit Pen Enclosure

Indoor Rabbit Pen

 At the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we have our indoor Bunny Barn to keep rescue rabbits safe from insects that carry disease.
Rabbit Rescue Enclosure with Shelves
Rabbit Rescue Enclosure with Shelves
Indoor rabbit pen enclosure with kids mats, colourful ceramic dishes that can't tip over, a cardboard box hidey house a soft folded blankie for bunny to lie on off the timber floors and a fabric canopy to create a safe feeling for the bunny. Thank you to Foster Carer Marie in Newcastle for sharing her photo.


Rabbit Care


Do you like our indoor bunny display play pen? We keep them inside for 3 reasons: 1. Inside they are safe from mozzies 2....