Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rabbit Calici Virus in Adelaide SA

With the 'accidental' release of a new strain of rabbit calicivirus by Australian government 'scientists' a vet recommends keeping pet rabbits indoors in their homes. He also says the virus can mutate to other species.
Read what the vet has to say.
Dr Peacock said about a dozen pet rabbits had been killed by the new strain across Adelaide and said a new vaccine was needed to protect them.
But Adelaide vet Dr Andrew Spanner said the available vaccine can provide limited protection against the new strain.
"With the presence of a new virus that we don't have an effective vaccine for and one which is unlikely to come in the near future, we're encouraging all rabbit owners to create an inside environment for their rabbits," he said.
"If we vaccinate every six months, we're still providing reasonable protection.
"There's no way that that protection is as good as it was for the original strain of the virus but there's still some cross-protection."