Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Listen to Jazzie McMillan. Feel her passion. Share this post. Make this go viral. We are going to lose all our pet rabbits to Calicivirus if we don't get the Govt to help us on this one issue. LISTEN TO THE RADIO INTERVIEW

Jazzie MacMillan from The Rabbit Sanctuary Australia

In 2015 the Australian Government released a deadly rabbit virus without consideration of pet rabbit owners love for their pet bunnies and without consultation with vets or the pet industry.
Without a vaccine. The Government is breaking the law.
It is illegal to release a virus without a vaccine. It is killing people’s beloved pets.
1. There is a vaccine overseas. We want the Aust Govt to immediately allow its import. There is no cost to the government. Vets buy the vaccine. Users pay. Pet Rabbit Owners need that vaccine to protect their pets. We love our bunnies.
2. Thousands of pet rabbits have already died. Pet rabbit owners are living in fear of losing their beloved pets. If this were dogs and cats no-one would stand for it. Rabbit owners are in the minority but they love their rabbits as much if not more than dog owners love their dogs. It is wrong to release a virus that kills people’s pets without a vaccine. Very wrong. It shows that the Australian Government doesn’t care about its citizens.
3. The new virus known as RHD2 was ‘accidentally’ released by the Government in 2015. This was irresponsible. CSIRO scientists should be under stricter control. In 2017 the Government is planning to import yet another deadly rabbit virus that will kill pretty much all pet rabbits in Australia because it is carried by flies. There is no way we can keep flies away from our pets. There is no vaccine for this Korean calicivirus import. It could also jump to Australian native wildlife or other animals. There is some evidence of this happening overseas. The Korean virus is known as K5. There is also a recent report of a dog eating a rabbit infected with the virus and dying in Bathurst NSW

The Rabbit Sanctuary is asking everyone who cares about animals, about pet rabbit owners, about the Australian Environment to make a face to face appointment to see their local Minister of Parliament to ask the Government to stop the import of the Korean virus and to allow the importation of the vaccine that governments in other countries have provided for pet rabbit owners for the one they released last year.