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Conditions for rabbit adoption:
I am a pet house rabbit and will only be allowed to be adopted by someone who will keep me and my friend inside their home nice and safe from predators and from biting insects and flies that carry the deadly rabbit diseases. Children never tire of their pet rabbits if the bunnies are kept in a playpen in the family area of the home.

Rabbit Adoption Accessories Needed with photos

Rabbit Play Pen

You can buy a playpen for $60 from 
Phil from Pet Homes on 0418 783 555
It will be delivered next business day.

Rabbit Hidey House

HoundHouse Rabbit House

Can be a simple cardboard box or a canvas RabbitHouse with sling base.

Consider buying a RabbitHouse to put in my playpen too please. Ring Phil from Pet Homes as above.

Rabbit Playpen Accessories

In your rabbit playpen you will also need:

Rabbit Litter Tray

A rabbit litter tray big enough for two rabbits is needed and pet litter with an odour smell reducer. You can also add a smell reducer to any pet litter. Rabbit poo doesn't smell but the urine does due to the ammonia in it.  Click to read more about Rabbit Litter Tray Training.

Rabbit Hay Bag

A hay bag and hook to hang it off playpen just at end of litter tray. Coles have a hessian shopping bag with rope handles for $2.30.
Cut a rectangle hole in bottom front so the bunnies can get the hay.

Rabbit Food and Water Bowls

Ceramic food and water bowls ensure the rabbits can't tip them over. They are also easy to clean well so hygienic. Do not use water bottles. They can cut a rabbit's tongue. They can also stop working without you knowing if the ball gets stuck or rusty.

Rabbit Toys

A plastic ball toy with another ball and bell inside will delight a playful rabbit. Take it out at night though if you need your rest! 

Hay with sultanas hidden inside a cardboard toilet roll is good to give rabbits foraging time that they would normally have in nature.

Seagrass mat house that you make by joining them up with cable ties. Seagrass mats are $1 at Bunnings.

Rabbit Food Needed
Premium rabbit pellets (no pet shop mixes please)
Premium top grade lucerne hay and oaten hay mixed. A nice botanical hay can be added for extra pleasure and goodness.
For my daily treats please hand feed my veges bit by bit. No more than a half carrot and one kale leaf per day. My diet should be 80% hay.

Rabbit Care


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