Saturday, May 25, 2013

Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit Pair for adoption

We present Mum and baby Netherland Dwarf bunnies.  We presume as they came into the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary together. Tame and cuddly, Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and mite free. Very healthy with good teeth. If interested phone or text Kim on 0416062947

Looking to buy a tiny rabbit? Opt to adopt and help us to save some more rabbits. When you adopt a pair of rabbits from the Rabbit Sanctuary you make 2 spaces so we can take in two more little souls.

 When you adopt a bunny you get a lot of added value with the desexing, vaccinations and other vet work all done. This takes out a lot of expense for you and also the time and caring etc is all done. Plus the risk is over and you have gorgeous healthy rabbits ready to take home. 

These tiny rabbits are an off white Colour with white highlights. We have other dwarf and larger rabbits with various coat types, long fur or short and in many colours like chocolate, black, orange, grey, white, brown, tan, agouti and black and white plus other colours. 

Each rabbit comes with care booklet, quick care sheet, vet voucher, rabbit house name tag, discount voucher for a RabbitHouse and ongoing support.