Monday, May 13, 2013

Problems in undesexed rabbits in season

Undesexed rabbits will come in and out of season. It is best to have your female rabbits desexed to save them this anguish. The sign of a female rabbit being on heat is a swollen red vulva.  A Desexed female rabbit will be a much calmer pet and not subject to unwanted litters that will be hard to find good homes for.  The cost of desexing a female rabbit ranges widely from vet to vet. Some vets charge around $160 while others charge up to $400.  Ask your vet to provide pain relief after surgery and take home an oral pain relief that can be administered by string to the mouth quite easily. Desexing is a painful procedure. It is actually a hysterectomy. After care for your Desexed female rabbit is important. Keep her warm and her area sterile to lessen the chance of infection. Ask your vet to use dissolving stitches.